Portlock Storage Manager

Portlock Storage Manager Features and Benefits

Disaster Recovery Features of Portlock Storage Manager

  • Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery: Boot the server from a bootable CD/DVD, run restore, reboot and the server is running exactly the same as the last image.

  • Does not require OS Installation: Operating system is restored automatically as part of the recovery process.

  • Disaster Recovery: Image and Restore features provide a complete recovery including all user information, files, permissions, trustees, namespaces, etc.

  • High-speed Image and Restore: Image and Restore exceeding 40GB per hour with high-performance tape drives.

  • Across the Wire Recovery: Servers can be restored using TCP/IP with images stored on NetWare or Windows platforms.

  • Supports Restores to New Hardware: Restore to the same or new hardware. Supports reconfiguring the operating system to support different hardware and storage controllers.

  • DVD Media: DVDs can be a very effective storage medium for backups and disaster recovery. DVD media is inexpensive, offers 2.5 MB/sec write speeds, 5.0 MB/sec read speeds and a life of 30-100 years.

Server-to-Server Migration Features of Portlock Storage Manager

Portlock Storage Manager's server backup and restore features support images stored on disk files, CD/DVD, TCP/IP communication links, FTP and Web servers, and SCSI tape drives. Our third generation imaging technology supports streaming the very fastest SCSI tape drives, utilizing high-performance communications over TCP/IP for server-to-server migration.

Portlock Storage Manager can migrate a server using TCP/IP from the old server to the new server or create an image file on disk or SCSI tape. Nothing needs to be installed on the new server to begin a full-system migration. Boot Portlock Storage Manager from DOS and start the restore.

Using accurate system images, this bare-metal migration results in a very high-speed migration, duplicating all attributes to the new server, while minimizing hardware hassles. Servers can even be cloned across continents using TCP/IP.

Storage Management Features of Portlock Storage Manager

Note: features vary depending on the type of file system or partition - consult the history.txt file for specific limitations.

  • Supports NetWare versions 3.12 - 6.5 SP8
  • Online Imaging (does NOT dismount volumes)
  • NetWare Traditional and NSS volumes and partitions
  • Diagnostic partitions
  • Does not require a server reboot for most operations
  • Dismounts only the volume being managed
  • Image Manager for remote server imaging
  • Supports partition mirroring
  • Supports multi-segment volumes
  • Extensive volume analysis tools
  • Image and Restore entire servers
  • Delete volume segments without loss of data (Traditional volumes).
  • Extensive Data Recovery features