Portlock Storage Manager

Installation using PINSTALL or NWCONFIG

NetWare 3.x & 4.x - run PINSTALL.NLM to install.

NetWare 5.x & 6.x - run NWCONFIG.NLM to install.

Portlock Storage Manager Download:

Portlock Storage Manager is packaged as a zip file. Create a temporary directory on your system and unzip the files. This software does not require an installation before use. However, there are three supported installation methods for PINSTALL and NWCONFIG:

  1. Copy the files either to a temporary directory on your server and using either PINSTALL.NLM or NWCONFIG.NLM select "Product Options". Then select "Install a product not listed". Specify the directory that has STORMGR.IPS. For example you created a temporary directory called SYS:/TEMP, in NWCONFIG specify the directory SYS:/TEMP
  2. Create the directory SYS:/STORMGR. Copy the files to the SYS:/STORMGR directory on your server. The software can also be copied to any directory on your server.
  3. Installation using PINSTALL.NLM from the server console type: "load <path>/pinstall.nlm" if the files are on a directory on the server. The default installation directory is SYS:/STORMGR.

To execute the software type: "SYS:/stormgr/stormgr" at the server console.