Portlock Storage Manager

Loading Portlock Storage Manager

The recommended installation directory for Portlock Storage Manager is SYS:/STORMGR. To load Portlock Storage Manager, type: load SYS:/stormgr/stormgr. We recommend including the logfile command line option: load SYS:/stormgr/stormgr –logfile=SYS:/stormgr.log or if you are going to manipulate storage on the SYS: volume then save the logfile to the C: drive as shown in the Execute from DOS line below.

To execute Portlock Storage Manager from DOS, type: stormgr –logfile=c:/stormgr.log.

As a shortcut, create a file in the SYS:/SYSTEM directory named stormgr.ncf. Place the following command line into this file: load SYS:/stormgr/stormgr –logfile=SYS:/stormgr.log. After attempting this procedure, you can type stormgr at the server console and load Portlock Storage Manager without specifying the path and options.